About AristaCeram

The company originally started as a manufacturing company in 2012 and began to produce various grades of products such as printing oils for rotary printing machines, body and glaze Fluidizer and on-glaze fixation systems in the field of ceramic industry.

With the policy of supplying all the requirements for ceramic and tile factories including raw materials and machinery, has sought to obtain representation from reputable Spanish and Italian companies, and will continue to do so.

The companies are as below:

1- Ego Design for Graphic Designs

2- Studio Uno for Glazing Line Machinery

3- KeraMold for Molds and Dies

4- Keran for Alumina Balls

5- Sermac for general machinery

6- CCB for raw materials for the glaze like STPP, Nepheline, Feldspar, Kaolin.

7- Bocedi for packaging machines

8- Tecnosint for the polishing abrasives

In the recent years we have entered the digital world by supplying all accessories, designs and head services to the customers and all the types of the machines.

AristaCeram R&D could manage to establish new markets in the field of Drilling. Foams for Horizontal drilling of TBM was manufactured and sold in the market since 2016. And most recently we invented new weighing agent for oil and gas industry. This Brine is the material replacing imported Calcium Bromide with the same quality and also lower price.

The company now has an office in Tehran and a workshop - warehouse in Eshtehard where it produces its chemical products. The Laboratory which is highly active is also located in the plant to control the quality and investigate new products.


Chemicals Chemicals for TBM Raw Materials Filters Drilling Industry Digital Accessories


AristaCeram as a chemist

Formulates Fluidizers, Mediums, Binders Foames, Defoams, Brines …

Technician Supports

AristaCeram as a technician supports

suggests raw materials, machines and some accessories for digital tech where needed.


AristaCeram as a trader

represents some companies of machinery and raw materials, refractory cements and abrasives.


AristaCeram as a producer

Produces chemicals for ceramics, oil and gas and drilling industries.

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